Yacht Protection Wrapping

acht Protection Wrapping

All water crafts are exposed to the osmosis danger. Especially, sea water is very aggressive towards the gel coat of the outer shell.

Special, high-quality foils are protecting the gel-coat of the boat- and yacht outer shell against water.

QHigh-quality special foils are there for the protection of the water craft surface from extremely aggressive UV-rays to prevent the so-called bleaching-out.To minimize the slipping danger everywhere on deck, the stairs, the tiled floors, the chequer-plate steps, the barefoot area and everywhere else, you can slip easily, we can use anti-slipping foils.

Our Foil Protection Pool Includes Among Others:

  • Protection against Aggressive Sea Water
  • UV-Protection
  • Serves as Anti-Fouling
  • Smooth Surface prevents the Marine Organisms Settlement
  • Easy in Caree
  • Good Osmosis Protection
  • Foliation on GFK, CFK, Wood, Glas and Stone
  • Reflection Foil – to increase the Visibility of your Boat in the Dark